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  • Brown and Aqua earrings

    Sterling silver french hook with aqua, black ,brown bead accented with amber beach glass.

    Price includes shipping

  • Hearts askew

    Green and brown seaglass with accent beads pendant.

  • Aqua and Amber

    Aqua an amber seaglas pendant on 18" ball chain.

  • Bottle bottom

    Entire bottom of bottle drilled with aqua and black beads on a rawhide cord

  • Jade

    Dark green sea glass with natural stone bead necklace

    4.00 shipping

  • Brown and Green sea glass Necklace

    small pieces of brown and green sea glass with brown and green glass beads.

  • Brown and green sea glass bracelet

    Matching bracelet - brown and green sea glass with brown and green glass beads.

    4.00 shipping for out of area shipping

  • Copper Swirls

    Hammered copper wire wrapped clear beach glass pendant

    Price includes shipping

  • Bottle Neck

    Unique Green bottle neck beach glass wrapped with green colored wire accented with green bead.

    Price includes shipping.

  • Shark Fossil

    Large shark fossil wrapped with heart shaped white beach glass. This piece of glass was worn perfectly for this shark tooth.

    Valuable fossil. Price includes shipping

  • Mermaid Tears

    Pendant made with aqua and green beach glass.

    Pendant is almost 3 inches on a 24" ball chain. shippinf add 3.00 if not local


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